Mid-Week Update

There’s hasn’t been much to say the past few days, since we’re basically eating the same recipes I posted last week (that chili made a lot of servings!). However I’ve gotten to thinking about my macros and charting my progress, which I think will be worth posting.

My macros are set to 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbs for now. I started off with carbs at 10% instead of the recommended 5% because I thought the transition was going to be really difficult (it wasn’t, as it turns out). I’ve been having a problem getting all my fat since day one (70% for me puts it at 123g) but I think I need to re-evaluate my snacks during the day and eat more cheese and nuts. I’ve inputted all the food I plan on eating today on MFP and I’m going to be about 14g short on fat, which isn’t too bad…but I’m 10g over on protein, so I’m sure if I tweak my diet a bit I can flip those numbers so they’re more even.

As I stated, I’ve been thinking about tracking my progress – moreso, how on earth am I going to track my progress?! I thought about it; I’m not trying to lose mass amounts of weight (or any weight at all really), just body fat. I remembered the calipers I ordered months ago, but they always said I had a very low BF%, which I know isn’t the case. That’s when I realized I’d never researched how to use the calipers properly. NICE.

A Google search lead me to this YouTube video, which is very informative…except I’m a lady so it’s completely invalid for me. Adding my gender to the search lead me to two links – this video that demonstrates how to use the calipers, and this article on how to use the results. (The calipers did come with a chart, so I’ll be using that as well and comparing the results.)

I’m thinking of measuring my BF% every Saturday morning, and changing my measuring day to Saturdays as well. Weekdays are hard because I’m not a morning person and it takes me 20 minutes just to get out of bed, so I wind up rushing to do the measurements and actually get ready for work. So, I’ll find out my starting point in two days. I’m excited to start tracking fitness progress for the first time in my life!