Day 8 – Progress

After the awful energy crash last week, I started feeling better the next day, and as of now am only regular-sleepy (I will just never be a morning person!). We stuck to the same meals throughout the work week, made simple by the 5-day casseroles we prepared, and changed things up a bit over the weekend. I always have eggs & cheese for breakfast, but this time I included bacon and excluded toast. (Sidenote: I’m not missing bread nearly as much as I expected, but I do desperately miss cereal!) For lunch on Saturday I had egg salad, and for dinner my husband grilled burgers with a Babybel cheese in the middle – I LOVE BABYBEL CHEESE. The great thing about stuffed burgers + keto is that there is more meat than a regular burger, plus the cheese inside, that the burger is pretty filling with just a fork and knife – I didn’t miss the hamburger bun at all!

Sunday I noticed our blackberries & raspberries had gone bad, which I was sad about because that’s what I had been putting in my Greek yogurt. I had already put aside a serving of yogurt, so I got creative (well, creative for me) and put in half a scoop of chocolate-flavored whey powder and a tablespoon of peanut butter. It wasn’t bad, but it was definitely…interesting. We went to my in-laws house for dinner that day – they had barbequed so it wasn’t particularly difficult to stay low carb/high protein. However, I now notice the huge difference with meats with low fat content! The 99% fat free ground turkey burgers were SO DRY. And because of all the sugar in the sliced pineapple I normally have on it, it was noticeable! I think because I usually have it with pineapple, the juice masked how dry low-fat meat can get. I’ll never go back!

Today was measure day – the places I’m keeping track of measurements are my waist at the bend, my waist at the navel, and my hips (I’m not bothering anywhere else because I’m not aiming to lose weight, just fat, and I basically carry all of my fat in my midsection). I lost at least and inch from EACH area; all that bloating is down a lot! (I’m not weighing myself – like I said, I’m not aiming to lose weight, and once I start lifting, I will likely begin to put on weight slowly, so I know the scale is useless in my case.)

Today I’m going to start lifting again, now that I’m over all the keto flu symptoms. I’ve begun the NROL4W program before – I made it to week 5 before I had a crazy week-long period where I didn’t get the chance to workout (also I was probably lazy) and even in that amount of time my bicep size increased an inch, so I dig this program because I know it works for me. (The bicep increase isn’t a huge deal, because I have noodles for arms, but know my arms are LESS noodle-y.) The weight training combined with keto should show results – hopefully great ones! 🙂



More Recipes, More Induction Consequences

Last night, as planned, we made the caveman chili using beef instead of pork. I love having food plans set and not having to worry about making breakfast and lunch at night. We’ll be having the chili for dinner tonight, I can’t wait to load it with cheese & sour cream.

The breakfast casserole I posted yesterday was SO GOOD. It looked good in the oven raw, after it was cooked, after we cut it up, everything. AND it was delicious. The chicken casserole did not fare as well in the looks department – because it was cubed chicken with a cheese layer on top, it’s kind of difficult to cut, and it looks extremely unappetizing before you microwave it. However, the melted cheese post-reheat improved it (this actually mattered to me because it looked SO unappetizing I was afraid to try it), and it turns out it tastes great. I like my food bland, generally speaking, so while this isn’t my favorite thing in the world, I’ll still definitely eat it. If you like spicy things, you’ll definitely like it! (Links to these recipes are in the previous blog post, FYI.)

Today, the keto flu symptoms continue. I don’t really have a headache, except for the fact I am so exhausted and constantly fatigued that it’s actually messing with my head. Luckily the work I have today it brainless and I can zone out (a lot of cut & paste in an Excel document – I’m still doing work!). However, I think I’ll be making more coffee in a bit; it helped this morning but the caffeine is starting to wear off.