Vacations, Holidays, and Re-Introductions

So, I didn’t update at all in August. To be honest, there wasn’t much to say – no huge differences in either direction in terms of weight/measurements. (Truth be told, I started an entry but only wrote two sentences, and when I went back later I had no idea what I was trying to say.) Then, in the last week of August, we took a family vacation. We knew we would be kicked out of ketosis – we didn’t want to sacrifice having a good time and trying good foods for this diet, especially knowing we could just get back into ketosis in a few days. We made a bunch of keto-friendly buns for sandwiches and brought nuts and a few other snacks with us, but other than that we winged it. It was worth it – I missed doughnuts (but not cookies, because I finally realized they’re empty calories/carbs and don’t fill me up AT ALL).

The day after we returned from vacation, we had a family barbeque, so re-introduction wasn’t going to happen then.

Three days after that was the start of Rosh Hashanah, which what I can gather from my in-laws is a two day long food-fest. It’s hard to say no to my mother-in-law’s noodle pudding or my aunt-in-law (is that even a phrase?)’s matzoh ball soup, or a giant helping of challah. Not eating these foods at Rosh Hashanah is akin to not eating turkey and mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.

This weekend was better, for me anyway – I was home the entire time, and aside from the bagel I had for dinner on Friday (and another Saturday), I stayed pretty much on course. My husband, however, was at a bachelor party all weekend so he wasn’t so lucky.

So today is my day to get back on course 100%. No more bagels or beer, just protein and fat. (Well, not JUST protein and fat, but you know.) I have actually missed keto, in the sense that I actually got full eating high fat, high protein foods. I’m trying out something new with exercise as well, and playing around with a few things – I’ve been “training” (on and off, because I get lazy) for a half-marathon (I haven’t signed up for one but I want to be able to run one…I think the not-signing-up part is why I get lazy), so I want to pick running back up to an extent; no more than 3 days a week. I definitely want to get back into NROL4W, as I completed stage 1, but when I picked up stage 2 last week (after a few weeks off), I couldn’t walk for three days. I might have to ease back into that one and do some Blogilates to supplement the days I can’t move my legs (which is what I had to wind up doing last week).

Onward, to the inevitable keto-flu I’m going to get in a few days!


Progress Set Back And New Recipes

This weekend’s weigh-ins and measure-ins did not go well at all. We each gained a little less than a pound and went up or stayed the same in our measurements. After the initial period of frustration, we talked about why this would have happened – we’ve been sticking to keto-friendly foods the same way we have been all of the other weeks. After some discussion we figured out the one thing that was slightly different – we’d each had a cocktail the night before. I know from experience how bloated alcohol can make you, and while I still find it hard to believe that 1-2oz of Jack Daniels would cause these results overnight, I can’t completely rule it out since I’m still rather new to this. That said, I plan to avoid alcohol completely for the next few weeks (except at possible social gatherings, but even then alcohol tends to be rare). We have a beach vacation at the end of August and I’m anxious to see how fit I can get by then.

Speaking of fit, as I mentioned in my last post I started doing Blogilates last week. I initially planned on doing it on my off days from lifting, but I began following Cassey’s beginner’s workout calendar and have been doing it 6 days a week (you know…for the past week anyway). I’m really digging it, which surprised me – I hated Pilates only a few years ago. I think doing this in addition to my lifting will make my results that much more satisfying, with the added bonus of not feeling so lazy. My plan is to continue with the beginner calendar until the August calendar is released (she makes a new calendar of routines for each month, how cool is that? I finally won’t get bored!) and then do that calendar with the community. To get the month’s exercises you need to sign up for the newsletter because it’s a password protected area of the site; definitely do it if you’re considering it! (Don’t worry about nonstop emails – I got the password a week an a half ago and only got the email with the password.)

More exercise news – I did workout A7 of NROL4W yesterday, and upped everything to 12lb dumbbells. And I don’t feel like I want to die today! This is proof to me that it’s working; a few weeks ago I couldn’t DREAM of functioning the day after exercising with 12lb dumbbells, so I know my strength has increased since starting. (Also I can do 3 sets of 10 pushups. REAL pushups.) Next week is my last week of stage 1, then onto stage 2. I’m kind of excited!

I also wanted to link some of the recipes we’ve tried out lately, and my thoughts on them.

  • Pork Rind French Toast Cakes/Pancakes – These were AWESOME. The only negative about these was that they take a while to prepare & cook (due to the thicker consistency) but it was worth it!
  • Pork Rind Pizza Crust – My Italian grandparents wept in heaven when they saw me making this, but it is an EXCELLENT pizza crust substitute. We topped ours with mozzarella, ricotta, and broccoli. The only problem we found was that the cheese slides off really easily, but I don’t know how much that has to do with the fact that we might have needed to let our mozzarella melt a bit more, or if it was because the crust is baked first so it has a “finish” on top. Next time I try this I might do an egg wash on top to see if it helps…
  • Flaxmeal Cinnamon Muffins – Our new go-to breakfast, only because eating quiche every day for 4 weeks started to wear on us. Instead of the sugar free syrup, we subbed in some Walden Farms blueberry syrup; the fruitiness makes it almost taste like apple cinnamon bread.

On to another week of upped-exercise…and alcohol-free this time!

Starting Out – Why I’m Trying Keto

I’ve been a pretty slim person all my life, but that was mostly luck. Okay, it was all luck – I would just eat whatever I wanted and never really gain weight. For most of my adult life I’ve hover around 115 pounds.

My husband, however, is not so blessed. He looks at a cake and gains two pounds. He’s been trying to lose the last ten pounds for a while now, and came across keto when talking to other people who were trying it out, and how they lost the fat quickly.

We talked about it and decided to try it out for at least two weeks. This seems like enough time to be able to get the hang of it (the beginning is always difficult), and see how it will impact our food bill. (Although a lot of what I’ve read is that people’s food bills have lowered, the massive Costco shop we’re about to do is intimidating!) So, while he’s trying to lose the last bit of weight, I’m going to be supportive and do this with him. It’s not like it could hurt, there are so many non-weight related benefits of keto!

Using this calculator, I’ve determined I should be aiming for 1558 calories per day – this is about what I was eating before, so it isn’t a stretch by any means. We’re not going to exercise in the beginning – we want to make sure our bodies aren’t going to have any funny reactions; we’ve both pushed ourselves too hard and it never ends well. I’ve also read about the “keto flu” (more info here) and I KNOW I’m not going to want to exercise with that! My plan for exercise is, once I know my body is adjusted, I’m going to start NROL4W (again, for the third time) to make all this muscle-friendly food do its job! (In my defense, I got through level 1 of NROL4W and my biceps went up to a whopping TEN INCHES. Look out for these guns.)

Yesterday was day one – it was a little difficult, because you’re trying to keep track of so many other numbers besides calories. At the end of the day, I had a 268 calorie deficit (which isn’t too bad, considering I’m not trying to lose weight), consumed 20 net carbs (I’m aiming to not go over 30, hooray there!), consumed 100g of protein (slightly over, but not a big deal), and 73g of fat, which had me at a 48g deficit. I can tell already that getting enough fat is going to be a challenge, but part of the problem is a lot of what we have in the house is still the fat-free stuff. I refuse to throw it out and waste it, so I finished off the fat-free sour cream & fat-free Mexican cheese last night, and am about halfway through the fat-free cottage cheese. I’m hoping the simple switch to non-fat-free products will make those numbers easier to nail.

Totals 1,290 68 73 100 12 32
Your Daily Goal 1,558 39 121 78 19 32
Remaining 268 -29 48 -22 7 0
Calories Carbs Fat Protein Fiber Sugar

(via my MFP diary)

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