End Week 5, Progress & Carb Addiction

This progress update was meant for last week, but I forgot about the draft post I made. That’s fine, because now I can include a new set of measurements and make the progress more up-to-date.

Weight +\- Waist +\- Hips+\-
His -10.4lbs -4.5″ -2
Hers +1lbs -1.5″ -1.5″

This is over the last 5 weeks. As I’ve previously stated I’m not trying to lose weight, and I expect I’ll permanently put some on after a while. I’m still impatient of course, because while 3″ loss is great, the fact that it’s over 5 weeks has me kind of annoyed. I know it’s because I don’t weight a lot and am a girl, but it still kind of sucks. I’ve been sticking to my macros, but since I’m following the NROL4W lifting program, I’ve only been doing that 3 days a week and nothing on the off days. My lifting days are M/W/F, so this week on T/Th/Sa I’m going to try some Blogilates. It is well known to many people I know that I normally HATE Pilates, because I find it boring, but that was back when it first became and exercise trend, and there is so much more out there now. Also, my cousin mentioned it helped with her back problems (I was in a car accident a few years ago and can’t stand or walk around for long periods of time anymore), so if there’s a chance it will help that I’m all for trying it again!

It’s also worth mentioning I overcame a mini-hurdle this weekend. We were at a friend’s house for a barbeque (good thing about keto is eating all that delicious meat!) and there were cookies and S’mores brownie-cookie bite things for dessert. I had 2 cookies and a brownie…and that was it. Normally I’d keep going back for more until I complained I didn’t feel well, but I was able to stop. It was delicious but I was definitely disenchanted. A step in a healthier direction, I think!


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